The most promising shopping centre in Croatia that introduced many international brands for the first time - and there is still space for more!

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Planned activities: petrol station, fast food, do-it-yourself shop, garden centre, supermarket, car dealers and many more - simply everything for everyone.

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Innovative Entertainment Park with outdoor and indoor attractions where anyone can fulfil their need for great fun.

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Planned as a space for offices, a hotel and business conference hall that provides simply all aspects for modern business and leisure.


  • Located in the City of Zaprešić, 7 km northwest of the Croatian capital Zagreb
  • All access roads are 2-lane with intersections resolved with 2-lane circular fIows
  • Zaprešić has 3 railway stations (one is at a walking distance of 700 m from Westgate) and it’s very well connected with Zagreb and Croatian Zagorje with trains operating daily every 15-20 min
  • There are 3 international airports at very short distances:
    Zagreb (the largest airport in Croatia) - 30 min
    Ljubljana (Slovenia) - 1hr. 30min
    Graz (Austria) - 2hr