The most promising shopping centre in Croatia that introduced many international brands for the first time - and there is still space for more!

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Planned activities: petrol station, fast food, do-it-yourself shop, garden centre, supermarket, car dealers and many more - simply everything for everyone.

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Innovative Entertainment Park with outdoor and indoor attractions where anyone can fulfil their need for great fun.

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Planned as a space for offices, a hotel and business conference hall that provides simply all aspects for modern business and leisure.

MISSION: always create the highest standard

What is ShoppingTainment?

  • The newest Shopping City Zagreb project that will make a synergy of shopping and entertainment - and will bring a new dimension to consumers who wish to experience something different!
  • By building a Retail Park at 253,000 m2 with everything needed for modern shoppers, and with the construction of an Entertainment Park at 202,000 m2 - we want to create a unique enjoyment destination for all ages.
  • In the first phase, the building of the Retail Park is intended to proceed, parallel with the planning and implementation of the Entertainment Park.